We are an IT company, providing critical services to customers in Northern Virginia. We specialize in systems engineering, network engineering, cloud solutions, virtualization, mobile solutions, and much more.


Jason Crouch


Mr. Crouch has 15+ years of experience in the IC environment, and still currently serves as a Systems Engineer on contract. He previously was a founding partner of Codin Solutions where he served as a Vice President until the company sold to IT Solutions in 2007. He then served as Director, Special Programs for IT Solutions until 2011.

Jason formed Integrity Intelligence in 2012 from a desire to return to a small, employee driven company that could provide essential services to the Intelligence Community.

Mr. Crouch has always strived to be an executive that continues to work in the technical arena. His personal belief is to always surround yourself with the best people. This belief has led to his own personal success and to his business success.

Todd Wilcoxon


Mr. Wilcoxon joined Integrity Intelligence in March 2013 as Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for identifying growth opportunities for the company and managing day to day operations, including employee personal and professional growth.

Prior to joining Integrity Intelligence, Todd held various management positions with Codin Solutions and Eli Lilly Incorporated. Mr. Wilcoxon has 15+ years of information technology and managing experience which began in the private sector and crossed into the Government Intelligence community in January 2006.

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